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Our company concept has grown right up out of the belly of many years working in the home repair and maintenance business. After managing many handyman service businesses, Daniel Alt and Marc Robinson have seen the seemingly endless demand for reliable home maintenance and repair service and the clunky, disorganized way the industry responds to it.

So they have responded with a structured and affordable system bringing order to the chaos.

Having known each other for many years, they both share a deep passion for bringing a home repair and maintenance service to a broader market that delivers meaningful value to our clients. Dan and Marc are brilliant home maintenance and repair enthusiasts who have shaped what we do to help our clients live well and HAPPY in their homes. Together, we are very proud to share Happy House STL with you.

Marc Robinson

Marc Robinson has spent the past 10 years making St. Louis homes and businesses more beautiful and efficient. Marc has taken a circuitous route for his career in home maintenance and repair, and knows houses like the back of his hand. After college and a brief stint in finance, Marc launched his first home remodeling business, Home Fix.

Marc specializes in the “process” of construction and remodeling. Marc believes that remodeling is much less about lumber and drywall, it’s much more about building trust, developing a plan and proper execution.

For a number of years, Marc led the sales effort in a successful design/build firm where he again created great value by creating beautiful and exciting living spaces. Last year, Marc launched The Organized Garage, a company that turns your garage into one of your favorite rooms in the house.

By bringing industry knowledge, creative thinking and value engineering to home renovation projects, Marc excels at creating a plan that is best fit for a client’s lifestyle and budget.

Daniel Alt

Daniel Alt has been in the construction business for nearly 20 years. He has been married to his wife Anna for 16 years, with a lovely daughter and son, along with their 2 dogs. They live an active lifestyle in the Lake St. Louis area that includes all things water related and love helping their neighbors!

Daniel began his career in painting. He worked for his father, who owned and operated a Union Certified painting shop. Daniel worked under his leadership for 8 years, while completing his own Union schooling, and earned awards in “Painting Excellence!”

After buying, remodeling, and selling four homes on his own, Daniel decided to take the leap and open his own general construction company. 5 years later, a design-build company bought it, which resulted in Dan and Marc’s first meeting. They soon realized they worked very well together, but both went in opposite directions with their own companies.

Daniel then opened a successful painting and flooring company, that he continues to run today. Marc and Dan saw the need for general handy-man services in their respective companies. Dan jumped at the chance to work with Marc again, but this time with Happy House STL.


“We know we made the right decisions because we talked through all the possibilities…”
“Great knowing WHAT we can do to keep our house as safe and functional as possible…”
“Repairs are done right, great recommendations, and improvements are fabulous…”
General Contracting

Happy House STL can perform a number of home renovation and remodeling services to help you improve the quality of you living space.

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We are always looking for good talent to service our client’s maintenance needs. Experienced applicants desired.

Home Maintenance

Happy House STL provides general maintenance services to repair most common problems a homeowner faces.